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Method of Mole Removal What it Does & How it Works
Home Remedies:
• Vibrating Devices
• Electrical Devices
• Windmill / Solar Devices
• Gum, Cinnamon, or Basil
• Flooding Tunnel Systems
• Exhaust Down Tunnel
• Animal “Scents”
• Smokebombs
• Hole Traps / Ditch Catchers
• Hair / Body Trimmings
• Gasoline, Petroliums, Home Chemicals
• Radio / Musical Devices
• Glass / Metal Shavings
• Ect, Ect, Ect....

Home Remedies:

Alas, we will start with the least effective of all mole removal systems, the home remedies. Most people have one or two of these home remedies they may have tried in their lifetime. Unfortunately we have tried them all and none of these work for many reasons. Vibrating or electrical devices may move a mole toa new area for a short time but eventually moles become tolarent and will move back into the property. Normally in less than half a year. Anything using a scent (this includes chewing gum, cinnamon, exhaust, and animal scents) will only make a mole dodge the immediate area the scent is in if anything happens at all. To sum it up home remedies tend to be a waste of time and can sometimes even hurt the environment, it’s better to avoid them entirely if possible.

Baiting, Poisons, & “Grubs/Worms”:
This system includes a lengthy process where the homeowner or a company comes out to apply some sort of product into the lawn. No matter which one of these systems they use the idea is generally the same. The idea is to taint the local food source of the mole to make it suffer and die of diareha or get the mole to eat the bait and die of diareha. Bait comes in pellet forms or in the form of grubs/worms and is supposed to directly feed the poison to the mole in the tunnels. Poison systems on the other hand (usually castor oil based) are applied to the entire lawn tainting the food source of the mole.

Baiting, Poisons, & “Grubs/Worms”:
These systems in theory are good ideas and come off sounding like legitamate ways to rid your yard of moles. Regrettably these systems are all seriously flawed though and not only fail to do what they advertise but can also cause more damage to your lawn or ecosystem. The bait or grub/worms idea is quite a good one actually, but because of the moles extreemely sensitive (and quite increddible) sense of smell these simply do not work on moles. Moles will simply bypass these products or leave the area with them temporarily. Many times bait will attract other small rodents in the area to eat it though which in some cases can lead to pets getting a hold of a recently bait poisoned animal causing poisoning in the pets as well. The poisons spread across the lawn will occassionally get a mole to leave the area but usually moles simply dig down deeper to avoid the tainted food source until rain washes the poison away. This can be especially dangerous to the local ecosystem even though most companies will declare this method “eco friendly,” though it truly is not. The poison taints not only the food source for moles but also for many animals such as birds, small rodents, and all the animals up the food chain from them. Many homeowners have had incidents of pets becoming sick or even dying as much as a month after application of poisons but most attribute it to “the animal getting into something it shouldn’t have” which is actually somewhat true seeing as it was poisoned. So please think twice before using any poison or poison like substances in the lawn; it can hurt many things however, moles are usually not one of them.
Underground Devices or Equipment:
These are placed in a yard in an effort to catch a mole in one of its daily feeding runs. The devices are set in the area where the mole is doing damage and checked frequently to make sure all is going well. Many different styles and types of devices exist but they all have the same usage and goal, to stop moles in their tracks right then and there. Most often these devices are covered for protection of animals.

Underground Devices or Equipment:
For years these have been proven to be the most eco friendly and effective way to get rid of moles. Underground devices will leave no damage on local eco systems but can be difficult to use. It’s not as important to which device you are using as it is to where you place it. Basically knowing how moles work and placing devices correctly will ensure its capture more than anything else. Unlike poisons these devices ensure that a mole has been taken care of and will truly help to eliminate current mole problems along with preventing future invasion as long as they are in the area. Our service consists of one of the many devices available on the market and is not only covered but staked down as well to protect any local animals as well as people from the equipment.

All Information here was obtained through active websites with reliable sources of information, research done by scientific community, or professionals with years of experience in the field. If you feel any information is innaccurate or out of date please email molemasters with the information and we will research it then update. Thank You.